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Breaking New Heights

Highlanders travel west to the Thunder Invitational at Rocklin High School. Incline has not ventured outside of the NIAA since 2013. Forecast called for Rain in the mountains and continued until parting the skies for the Invitational.

Sammantha Giangreco made her way to warm ups on the high jump apron before heading to the first flight in discus.

Giangreco’s second attempt at Disc was a personal best 86-01″ this was to be out done after a pr in High jump of 5’01” to throw 92-00″ for 3rd place in discus. Giangreco said after disc “I thought I threw well with a good release staying long and heard 86′ and cried.”  She would improve her high jump focusing on her wider approach with added arch over the bar. Sammantha had just earlier cleared 5′ in high jump and took first with the opportunity to raise the bar. Having the bar at 5’01” she set a new womens height for Incline and raced to the discus final.

In the final flight of discus she walked away thinking it was not as good as the prelim and than heard 92′ a new perso al best just minutes after her high jump school record.

The record will look to be broken again at Carson Invite April 21st. All four lady highlanders will seek to push new heights.

Senior Haley Carlson cleared 4’06” and landed just shy of 13′ in long jump for the day. Sophomore Christina Cruz took off strong on the first of four laps in the 1600 finishing at 7:17 she would throw 58′-06″ in discus and 19′-5.5″ in shot put for the day.

The boys showed true grit throughout the events on the day.

Brad Rye in only his second meet on pole vault cleared the opening height of 8′-00″ the next height of 9′ will come another day for the freshman. He would go onto to long jump 15′-04″, post a 12.9 in the 100meter and compete as the 3rd leg in the 4×400 to finish 4th.

Dylan Cleary would finish 5th in the 200-meter at 24.6 with 1.7 wind may have seen a pr. Cleary led the freshman group in the final relay of the day with an unofficial 54 split for the 3:48 time with Sebastian Hernandez, Brad Rye and Nick Pietzke have just completed a 3200 to anchor the relay. Pietzke’s time of 10:55 was 8 out of 34 for the day. Pietzke and Hernandez also competed in the 1600 and 800 in separate heats.

Freshman throw Jack Reber made distances of 45′ in discus and 24′ in shot improving on his season records.

Next up is the Carson Invitational on Friday April 20th and 21st.